Dakar 2018: “Not possible to imagine returning to Africa”, organizers say

The organizers of Dakar Rally, the 2018 edition of which is scheduled to leave Lima on January 6, have ruled out a return to Africa “for the moment”, as Etienne Lavigne, the director of the event visiting Peru said.

“I think it’s not possible to imagine going back to work there (in Africa), this is not on our mind at the moment,” he said in the Peruvian capital where he arranges last details with the authorities. “In Africa, it’s very complicated with security, civil war, terrorism, it’s a shame but it’s like that.”

The famous rally-raid is about to celebrate its fortieth edition in January. But in fact, there were only 39 because that of 2008, the last scheduled in Africa, was cancelled the day before the departure because of fears related to security in Mauritania.

Source: Rally-Raid Network Image: Motorsport.com