Iain Pepper returns with Thompson Racing

Lee Thompson Racing returns to action with a new-look team when the 2017 Volkswagen Challenge commences along with the rest of the Northern Regions Extreme Festival at Zwartkops Tuesday 21 March. LTR Stalwart Waldie Meintjes will be back to chase the title he lost by a solitary point last year alongside the Crous brothers, but news of Iain Pepper’s return to the driver’s seat is perhaps the most interesting out of Pretoria.
“We will be running four cars in the Volkswagen Challenge this year,” team principal Lee Thompson confirmed. “Waldie Meintjes returns to attend to some unfinished business in Class A and the Crous brothers, Wayne and Shaun will be back in Classes A and C respectively, but I’m quite excited about my fourth driver.
“Iain Pepper will return to racing in the Class A Polo that his daughter Tasmin campaigned last year to compete alongside Waldie and Wayne up front. “We have a strong line-up this year and I’m looking forward to the racing, even if my two lead drivers’ combined age adds up to quite a bit over 100 years!”
“I have not driven a race car for nine years I think it is, since I won my last championship,” Iain explained. “But my car was looking for a driver so I thought what the hell, why not me? “Lee, Alpine Motors, Campos Transport and Husqvarna motorcycles have come to the party to support my efforts and I’m looking forward to Tuesday – actually I can’t wait!”
Waldie Meintjes meanwhile embarks to fulfill a mission he missed by that solitary point last year in his familiar silver LTR Polo with the black stripe. “We had a great 2016 and I improved well enough as the season went on, to be leading the class championship going into the last race, but it was not to be. “There were a few other bucket list items I had wanted to go do this year, but those must wait – I have unfinished business here and I plan to go all the way this year. “Let’s do this,”
Wayne Crous will be Lee Thompson’s third Class A entry in the Delway Trading LTR Polo FSI. “I am fairly confident that this is going to be a great year following some good testing in the off season,” Wayne revealed. “I can’t wait to get behind the wheel and lay down some rubber again – special thanks to Lee for all the development and training – from here on, it is one way up to chase that championship.”
Younger brother Shaun Crous meanwhile returns to action in Class C following a tumultuous end to a 2016 season where he won after switching to Lee Thompson Racing only to be taken out and his car written off. But Shaun bounced back to end the season on a positive note and now he’s back and ready to race up front again.
“It’s a great honor to start the season at Lee Thompson Racing with, in my Ancro Building Projects sponsored Polo,” Shaun admitted. “I’m looking forward to a great season – I’d like to thank God for another year of racing and a safe year for everyone as well.”
“Tuesday is a bit of an odd one for racing, but it’s a public holiday and the meeting should prove more than just entertaining,” Lee Thompson concluded. “We hope to see you there – good luck to the team and everyone racing next week.”