Redline Motorsport tackles Taklimakan Rally in China

Redline Motorsport 
Among the foreig competitors are Terence Marsh and Johannes Gerhardus.
It’s in the Tacheng racecourse that the 109 cars and trucks, 13 bikes and ATVs have passed  the administrative and technical scrutineering without any problems.  An impressive success for the event, which celebrates this year its 12th anniversary.Among all the favorites in car category, Han Wei will certainly be one of the strongest of Taklimakan Rally 2017. The chinese driver, winner last year, will drive for this occasion with the Belgian Stéphane Prévot on his right. The team #103 will count on the three others cars entered by the Geely Boyue HanWei SMG team, with Kun Liu #102, Rong Zi #150 and Yugang Zi #151, to help them to secure a  victory.International competitors will try to ruin the plan of this impressive army. Among them, Christian Lavieille and Jean-Pierre Garcin seem to have a good chance of success with their brand new Proto V8 Baic #116. Their french teammates of the Keeopower team, Pascal Thomasse and Pascal Larroque, will try to play their cards right with their two-wheel drive Optimus buggy #113, even if it will be their first participation to the Taklimakan Rally. Red-Lined Motoring Adventure, with Terence Marsh and Johannes Gerhardus, will try to get themselves noticed on unknown fields for the South-African team.

In the bike category, the spanish titleholder Armand Monleón looks like the big favorite, even if the KTM rider will have to keep an eye on Zhou Tian. The chinese rider will do his best to  improve from his last year performance, which saw him achieve less than his expectations.

After ten stages designed entirely in Xinjiang Province, 5400 kilometers including 2800 kilometers of special stage, the finish will be held in Hami on June 22nd after the crossing from West to East of the very challenging Taklamakan desert.